Installing the front mount radiator

Another short example of one way to install a front mount radiator. The radiator itself is supposed to be from a Honda City Turbo but I am not so sure. Either way it fits but only just it should be interesting to see how it goes...


While the bonnet almost makes it the neck of the radiator is obviously impeding the bonnet coming fully down.

As you can see in this image the brace has been constructed for the most part and the arm that will come down and bolt the radiator in place is under construction

As you can see in this photo and the preceeding one the neck of the radiator has been lengthened to take it back a bit. It now clears the bracing in the bonnet and the bonnet can come down fully.

Here is an image of the radiator in place with the grille placed in front. Unfortunately this is with the radiator placed against the headers. Which obviously can't stay that way.

With the radiator placed away from the headers by 10mm the grille does not fit optimally (a little bit bowed). If I "knick" the top edge of the grille it returns almost to the right spot. This is obviously something I will have to live with as I can see no other solution really. Still it will be almost imperceptable to the passer by.